Sunday, January 4, 2015

Favorite Bookstores of 2014

Here were my favorites that I visited this year:

1.  Front Street Books:  Alpine, TX
-  A pleasant bookstore with a well curated and bountiful selection of regional books, as well as new and used books on all topics.  Very helpful manager. I can't wait to go back!

2.  Parnassus Books:  Nashville, TN
- I have heard much about this bookstore in interviews with owner (and famous author) Ann Patchett on NPR.  Though in a strip mall of all places, this was a classy, modern establishment with friendly and well informed staff with hand picked recommendations at the ready.  

3.  Book Fellers:  Fort Davis, TX
- Such a charming, unpretentious, small used bookstore in small-town Fort Davis.  Very friendly owners, old time jazz music playing, used and collectible Texas books, and lots of general used books for only $2/book!  I found a copy of Jane Jacob's The Economy of Cities, and also, The Enneagram Made Easy.  Delightful, unexpected find!

4.  Mrs. Dalloway's:  Berkeley, CA
- One of my favorites - so many hand written reviews (my mark of a good bookstore), very cute, also conveniently located right next door to The Elmwood Cafe which makes the best hot chocolate in town!

5.  Walden Pond Books:  Oakland, CA
- This is the closest one to me, so close I can even walk there from my apartment, and I consider this my "local bookstore."   It has both new and used, and the floors make a good creaky sound as you walk on them.  I've been impressed by how busy this bookstore has been lately (though I prefer it less crowded).  Makes me happy to know there are still lots of book lovers out there.  They are always happy to special order titles for me. 

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