Friday, September 12, 2014

Kaui Hart Hemmings - master of hilarity and heartbreak

Hemmings' The Descendants finds the perfect balance between hilarity and heartbreak, and she does it again in The Possibilities. The novel follows Sarah St. John's grieving the loss of her 22 year old son, Cully, who died in an avalanche near Breckenridge, CO. Hemmings takes us into the inner workings of Sarah as she comes to grips with this devastation in her life, as she navigates her relationship with her own father, Cully's father who comes back into her life, and a young woman who holds a secret that links her to Cully and therefore to Sarah.  Set over the course of just a few days, this novel explores the messiness and beauty of familial ties and love.  Hemmings is a brilliant talent - I recommend starting with The Descendants, as I think this is her stronger of the two!

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