Friday, May 11, 2012

Yates, Yet Again

Having really enjoyed The Easter Parade, I decided to read Yates' third book, published in 1969, called A Special Providence.  The novel explores the relationship between Alice Prentice and her son, Robert Prentice.  Alice is a somewhat delusional artist who often thinks that she is on the cusp of her one-woman art show which will finally bring financial stability, and Robert is a young soldier struggling to find his place and his sense of identity during WWII.  Yates is a wonderful writer who is an expert with dialogue and exploring the intimate relationships between family members.  While I will probably read everything Yates has written because I like his writing style, this was my least favorite work of his that I have read thus far.  However, I have two more Yates novels sitting on my bookshelf that I look forward to reading soon.

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