Monday, June 9, 2014


Carolina De Robertis' Perla is a fascinating book that explores the life of a young Argentine woman living in Buenos Aires, as she comes to face the reality of her own family history.  Perla's father is a naval officer who was involved in the military dictatorship in which thousands of Argentinian citizens disappeared, yet she is drawn to a young man who is a journalist who reports on the disappeared, creating a significant tension in her life.  A ghostly figure appears in Perla's living room, who holds the key to Perla's understanding where she has come from.  Blending sensuality with brutality, realism and surrealism, De Robertis' has crafted an interesting tale.  However, the language was overly flowery for me and the element of the ghostly figure was a bit overdone.  Nonetheless, a good read. 

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