Sunday, February 9, 2014

On the run in NC

I read Wiley Cash's second novel this dark road to mercy, in two sittings.  Told from three different perspectives, it is a tale with momentum and build up.  Set in North Carolina, the novel centers around 12 year-old Esther Quillby and her younger sister, who both are in foster care given the death of their mother from an overdose and their absent father, Wade.  Wade shows up in the middle of the night and whisks the girls away.  Two other men are on his trail - the first, Brady Weller, the girls' court appointed guardian, and the second, Robert Pruitt, an acquaintance of Wade's nursing an old vendetta.  This is a quick read but once I finished, the story didn't linger in my mind.  I did not enjoy this nearly as much as Cash's first novel, a land more kind than home, which I found to be more memorable and atmospheric. 

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