Sunday, October 7, 2012

Discovering Richard Ford

I picked up Richard Ford's latest novel, Canada, curious by the sweeping title.  After reading the first two pages, I was hooked.  Canada is a tale of a middle class family in Montana.  The narrator, Dell Parsons, tells the story of his parents (his mom a Jewish erudite quiet woman, his dad a loquacious Southerner) who decide to rob a bank.  After the robbery, Dell and his twin sister go in different directions, with Dell being driven across the Canadian border by a neighbor.  I was riveted by the plot and the taut language, and was captivated until the last page.  I loved Canada so much that I checked out another Ford novel published in 1990 called Wildlife, which I also really enjoyed.  Similar to Canada, Wildlife explores a middle class small nuclear family in Montana.  The insights of the teenage son as well as the dialogue between the family members were written in very simple but beautiful language.  Both of these books are highly recommended!

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