Sunday, July 1, 2012

Into the Wild

This engaging new memoir by Cheryl Strayed captivated me from the first scene in which she movingly describes her relationship with her mother who was dying of cancer.  It was interesting to learn about the author's background and what drove her to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) alone.  As an avid hiker myself, I was curious to hear what the day to day experience is like when doing long solo adventure backpacking.  I liked that the book did not sugar coat the experience.  For example, as Strayed points out, while nearly everyone she met along the way was kind, this was not universally true, and it was refreshing that she highlighted both the triumphant moments as well as the unpleasant ones.  The pace of the story was very good.  Strayed provided enough detail to keep my interest without overloading on hiking technicalities.  On top of the captivating tale itself', Strayed is a skilled writer.   Recommended!  Plus, you'll have a new found appreciation for your toenails.  

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