Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paying it forward

Last weekend I was in a bookstore and saw a free book, a new novel called Rut, by Scott Phillips.  I immediately assumed there was a catch.  I went home and googled the Concord Free Press (CFP), and was intrigued with their concept, which they call their "generosity-based approach to publishing."  CFP publishes one book at a time, which can be obtained at participating bookstores or sending a request via their website.  

There is a catch, but a good one.  CFP asks that rather than paying money toward the book, that you instead make a donation or give to someone in need and that you subsequently chart that donation on their website, and then pass the book along so that the next reader can do the same.

To read more about their business model or order Rut, check out their website:

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